Who are we

Our team includes people who had their own share of dating and relationships failures and successes, but here you’ll meet psychologists, life coaches, sociologists and others whose expertise related to relationships and dating you’ll find helpful.

What can we do

With professional and experienced advice and suggestions coming from our experts, you will improve your dating skills, develop and practice what it takes to establish a steady, long-lasting relationship and learn how to engage in a healthy way to the person adequate for you.

Dating courses

Here you will learn how to successfully approach someone, make conversation flow, keep the date interesting and relaxed, all the manners required during the date and many other skills that will improve your dating.

Lessons regarding relationships

We’ll teach you how to avoid common issues in relationships, how to deal with emotional routine, occasional arguing, living with other person’s flaws and irritative habits and many more.

Improving personal traits

We’ll help you improve your self-confidence, develop your sense for humor, body language, train pick up skills, overcome your timidity, insecurity, improve ways of talking and many other personal traits that will make you more attractive.


Too many dates gone wrong? Emotionally exhausted after one too many rough relationships with wrong people? The opposite sex simply isn’t paying attention to you? This blog is the place where you’ll find solutions for all of these problems.