Attractive Guys Own Homes (And They Don’t Rent!)

I am ranting today, but please excuse me.

A lot of guys haven’t bought a house before. If you want to be good at dating and be appealing to women, you must own at least a piece of real estate.

If you haven’t bought a house before, you will have to learn how the process works. The best way to learn how the process works is by going through. For people who haven’t completed the process before, there is room for sellers and real estate agents to take advantage of you. Real estate scams happen all the time, with first time buyers being the easiest targets. If you know anyone that has bought a house before, ask them if they have any advice. Even better, ask them to look at houses with you. Their insight and expertise is likely to reduce the chances of somebody “pulling the wool over your eyes“. If you don’t know anybody that has bought a house before, don’t worry. The following paragraphs will give you tips on things to watch out for when buying your first home… which is a surefire dating trick if you think about it.

One of the first things you need to watch out for when buying a home for the first time is a realtor asking for upfront payment. If your realtor asks for upfront payment, you should find another one. This is not normal and could likely be a scam. There are many realtor ads in phone books and on the Internet that advertise low fee realtors. These ads will claim that you need to pay the realtor an upfront payment to “secure them from other potential buyers”. They claim that they need upfront payment to stop all of the casual buyers from asking for showings. The bottom line is that you should be suspicious of your lawyer if he or he asks for payment before the transaction is complete. This is especially true when you are targeting a prime piece of real estate – a KLCC condo for example. A unit at Idaman Residence is a surefire status symbol which will make you far more attractive to women.

Something else that you should watch out for when buying your first home is extremely low selling prices. If your realtor takes you to a house with everything you want and the purchase price is suspiciously low, there could be something wrong with the property. Many sellers try to hide expensive problems such as a cracked foundation by cosmetically improving the house and offering a low purchase price. If the house you are looking at seems too good to be true, it probably is. Before you put in an offer, make sure that you have a home inspection complete. This can save you from a lot of financial heartache down the road.

Finally, make sure that you look at the big picture when buying your first home. Realize and accept the fact that you will have to compromise in something in your new house. Even though this can be hard to accept, it will really help you in the end. People often forget that a house with a good foundation and a good location is better than a cosmetically pleasing house. Remember that cosmetic changes can be made to houses, but the location never changes.

Now that you know some of the mistakes associates with first time home buyers, you should be able to complete your transaction with ease. With a house, you will find it easier to attract women – especially when they are older than you.

In my next blog post, I will talk about the other aspect which is highly attractive to women – looking good and staying fit.