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There are lots of blogs on dating and seduction out there nowadays, but this site has got a unique angle – it focuses on women psychology techniques (which some may find advanced). If you are at least an intermediate seducer and want to improve your seduction game, then you will feel right at home.

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Amazing Ways To Pick Up Girls

We have been getting requests on the seduction knowledge base on how to pick up girls and make them fall in love quickly. Well, I have stumbled upon a good resource on the art of picking up women which you can see by clicking here. There you will find some good dating and seduction tips and techniques – particularly useful if you want to make sure that you achieve dating success.

Johnny from Seattle has emailed and asked if I could share some tips and techniques particularly on how to seduce a cougar. I told him that I never had a taste for mature women and asked him to look elsewhere. Nevertheless if you happen to fall in love with an older woman then you might find this useful.

Elsewhere, my neighbor Jim has asked if I could give him some pointers on how to get started in the game of self improvement. I promptly asked him to learn the tips on getting a girl to like him (he’s quite a loser) and made him do ten pushups. You see, getting fit is always the first step to improving your seduction game. Don’t listen to stupid dating gurus who tell you that looks are not important. That’s false. Looks always help when it comes to making a girl fall in love with you.