How To Drive A Girl Crazy For You

There are a lot of guys that want to know how to win women over. It’s always good when you have the upper hand in a relationship, but it can be very difficult to execute. Many men assume that a woman’s mind operates exactly like a man’s mind, which isn’t true. In order to drive a girl crazy for you, you need to know more about how her mind works. When you know how her mind works, you’ll know what her weaknesses are and what turns her on. So, how can you drive a girl crazy for you? That’s beside using the fractionation formula of course…

What You Need To Do

The first step to drive a girl crazy for you is to ignore her. If you have been dating for a few weeks, stop answering her phone calls and text messages. If you do answer her calls, act like you aren’t interesting in anything she’s saying. This will upset the girl and make her wonder what she did in order for you to change the way you feel about her. She will then start to try and win you over. Most of the time, the man has to win the woman over. With the simple technique, you can completely reverse the roles and make her want you more than you want her.

The next step to drive a girl crazy for you is to flirt with other girls. If you are going out to dinner with her, make sure that you are extremely polite with any female friends you spot. The more you flirt with other girls, the more jealous your girlfriend will get. Even though you think this may backfire and she’ll break up with you, it won’t (I have blogged about this here). As long as you don’t actually have any intentions on cheating on your girlfriend, you should be able to control yourself enough to give off the impression that you’re a hot commodity without going overboard. Once your girlfriend sees that other women are interested in you, she’ll try harder to win you over. Exposing your girlfriend to other women will make her value you more and she’ll realize that you’re a catch.

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Driving Her Nuts – The Final Step!

The third step to driving a girl crazy for you is to show her how thoughtful you can be. At this point, she’ll know that you’re a catch. It is important to show her all of your positive qualities at this point to seal the deal. If you ignore her too much or flirt with too many girls, she might end up leaving. That’s why it’s important to always be considerate of her feelings after you have tested her loyalty. She will think that she has won you over and that she’s accomplished a large task. In reality, you are the one that has accomplished something.

Now that you know how to attract women (see here), you should be able to get any girl to feel like they need to win you over. As long as you execute each step with confidence, you should have no problem making your girlfriend want you more than you want her.