How To Get A Girl To Like You Like You’re Casanova

Are you having trouble learning how to get a girl to like you? If so, then don’t worry. You aren’t alone. A lot of guys out there have trouble learning how to attract girls – mostly because they have no idea where to begin. So, what you should try to learn instead is how to get a girl to like you without looking like a complete idiot.

The good news is that the solution to this particular problem is actually quite easy. Basically, all you have to do, for starters, is build some rapport. In a nutshell, rapport refers to a bond between two people where the first signs of intimate chemistry level are built and you start to hit things off.

Basically, if you really want to learn how to get a girl to like you, you have to concentrate on building rapport first. There are some advanced techniques on how to build rapport quickly (such as the usage of the Fractionation technique), but here’s something for you to get started:-

  • Getting A Girl To Like You – Using Rapid Rapport Tricks

The first thing you have to do is remember to stay positive whenever you are around a girl. This goes for both your emotional levels and your attitude, in general. If you want a girl to like you, you also have to show off an exciting part of you that will make you stand out from the rest of the guys out there.

Remember: if you exude positivity, more girls will become attracted to you and will want to be around you in the end.

On that note, you also have to be energetic – keep the energy levels up. Girls happen to love guys who are full of energy, so make sure you smile a lot, talk a lot and ensure girls are comfortable whenever they are around you.

To make the most of this particular trait, you will need to get rid of any negativity in your system, as well. Instead, be exciting and you will learn how to get a girl to like you in no time.

Of course, confidence will also play a big part here because girls love confident guys, as well. So, whenever you try to build some rapport with a girl and try to learn how to get a girl to like you, you have to display a high level of confidence at the same time.

  • Seizing Control

Basically, you have to show girls that you aren’t scared of taking initiative and taking control. Girls happen to love guys who step up and take what they want whenever they want it – believe it. how to get girls to like you picture

This doesn’t mean you should always be the take-charge kind of guy, though. You should also show girls that you have a relaxed part of you that doesn’t worry too much about anything else. Believe it or not, this can help you learn how to get a girl to like you, as well.

As a goal, you should really just try to have fun and relax around girls. Don’t worry about getting with them or scoring dates with them. Just be cool, confident and suave and wait for them to come to you.

If you really want to learn how to get a girl to like you, you also have to remember that girls have the need to feel loved and wanted. However, they also get sick of guys quite easily. So, if you want to win a girl over, you have to show her you are interested but not too interested. Does that make sense?

  • Focus More On Doing, Less On Thinking

Ideally, you should develop your general social skills by talking to every girl in the room. This will show girls that you are interested in meeting girls but aren’t set on a particular girl just yet. Plus, this will show girls how confident you actually are, and this is always a plus int he dating game.

Naturally, you should always treat yourself well, too. Always build yourself up in the presence of girls and show them that you have a lot of respect in yourself. Remember: girls will only respect and look up to guys who do the same to themselves, so always carry a high opinion of yourself if you want to win a girl over.

This means that you should also respect yourself enough not to give in to a girl’s every whim. A lot of guys out there tend to give girls everything that they want because they are afraid of getting rejected. Well, this is the wrong move. This actually kills attraction more than cultivates it, so make sure you keep things simple and don’t give girls what they want just because you want to win them over.

  • Value Demonstration

Aside from placing lots of value on yourself, you also need to get rid of any other traces of neediness you might have in your system. To do this, just build up your social network and try to ask out as many girls as you can. If you don’t restrict yourself to a single girl, then you will have many more chances at happiness – remember that.

Picture of how to make a woman like youBesides, whenever girls see other girls talking to a guy, they tend to feel attracted to him, too. In the psychological world, this is called social proof and is very powerful in girls. Think about it. How many girls have you seen drool over the exact same guy? That is one example of how social proof works in the dating world. (If you need something that you can use to immediately boost your social proof levels, click here).

If you have trouble asking girls out on dates while learning how to get a girl to like you, then you might want to keep reminding yourself that there are a lot of other girls in the ocean. So, no matter how great one girl may be and no matter how much you think she is irreplaceable, there will be other girls who can take her place if things don’t work out right. You just have to take a better look around.

In Conclusion…

Basically, you just have to remind yourself that a lot of other wonderful girls are out there waiting to be met, as well. If you think that a girl is unique, then she will hold a certain power over you and make her lose interest. So, feel free to think about how great other girls are, too, and you are sure to become less needy by the day.

Now once you meet the girl that you really want to seduce, then use high-powered techniques such as Fractionation and you’ll be an unstoppable seducer… just like Casanova.