How to make friends online

How to make friends online

We are currently living in the Information Age. Whatever we want is available immediately, at the touch of a button. It is difficult to ignore the impact the internet has made on society in the last ten to twenty years. The myriad of things that you can do online today were but a dream for our parents and grandparents like online shopping, video calls, television on demand and so on. With all these advances in technology, is the internet a space that you can make friends? If you are a shy and reserved person, then the internet is the ideal place for you. There are a tons of online adult cam2cam sites available, but be sure to join a legitimate site, like the ones below.

Here at, you can chat online for free. They cater for all types of individuals with different tastes and requirements. There are groups for adults, teens, singles, gay and lesbian users. You have the option to chat in a group or chat privately with a user. Once you have mustered up the courage, you can venture into live video chats.

This site is ideal for the really shy people among us. You don’t have to register or provide your personal information. All you need to do is choose a nickname and click Start Chatting. Your identity is totally anonymous. You can chat in the group or venture into private chats. There is a function available for you to exchange pictures and share your favourite videos. This is a very easy way to meet new people without feeling anxious of the fear of rejection. is also a good site to meet new people. All you need to start chatting is enter a username, your country, your age and gender. Then you can start chatting in a group or private chat with someone that you have formed a connection with. Most of the users on this platform are from USA.

When chatting online, you should be aware of catfishing. This is when you chat to someone who portrays themselves as someone else. You might think you are chatting to a 16 year old girls from Miami, but behind that profile is a sweaty, bald fifty year old man sitting in from of his PC in Austin. This can be especially dangerous if you are being cat-fished by people with ulterior motives, like human traffickers or murderers. The below list is a guide to follow to ensure you stay safe when chatting online.

  • Never reveal your real identity. Don’t share your pictures because you never really know who you are chatting to.
  • Don’t share personal information with a stranger. This includes your address, school attended, contact details etc.
  • Don’t download anything (photos, videos or attachments) from someone you don’t know. They could contain viruses or hacking software.
  • If the chat makes you feel uncomfortable, leave immediately. You are there for fun, and that’s how your experience should be.
  • Listen to your gut feeling. We all have that sixth sense that tells us that perhaps something isn’t right. If you get that feeling, listen to it and leave immediately. You are under no obligation to chat with anyone.

Chatting in a chatroom is meant to be fun. A chatroom will normally consist of a number of chatrooms to satisfy your unique taste or preference. By chatting with people who share the same interests, hobbies or movies, you can find pretty decent friends out there. Some people who have ventured into the world chatrooms have even found their soulmates thereā€¦but that’s a topic for another day.