Insider female mind control technique exposed

Knowing woman’s flaws and weaknesses will always give you the opportunity to take advantage of it and establish powerful control or dominance over her. Establishing dominance over someone based upon their weak spots usually creates emotional addiction in a woman and puts her in an inferior position, giving you the change to influence her and the relationship in the long run.

Jealousy strategies

Two main strategies commonly and successfully applied to women in order to direct her feeling towards you, influence her behavior, make her obsessively fall for you and create emotional dependence include strategies based upon jealousy and strategies based upon rewards and punishments. All the strategies based upon jealousy involve occasional flirting with other women and accenting potential presence of other women, especially in those situations when a man is trying to ensure his dominance, strengthen the bonds and increase the power. This means using other women and focusing your attention to them every time when you want to make your girl more aware of the fact that she could be replaced easily, make the value more the mere presence of yours and consequentially make her try harder around you. The psychology behind this is simple: most people are more attracted to the things that other people want as well.

Reward and punishment strategy

Another successful strategy includes asking a woman to do various things for you and applying a reward-punishment system. When she willingly obeys, she gets the reward, sometimes even in the form of additional attention. The other side of this strategy includes various forms of emotional punishment, such as silent treatment, distancing, manipulating with the ending of a relationship and similar, in every situation when she disobeys. This is literally the form of training, which will teach her what acceptable and desired behavior is and what isn’t. The more frequent the strategy is applied, the quicker she learns and remodels into the desired profile of women. She will want to win the game, get sympathies, feel approved and therefore will struggle harder to accomplish the expectations.

Ethical vs. manipulative

Before applying any of these strategies, keep in mind the old saying: The quality of the prey says a lot about the quality of the hunter. What it tries to say is that all of these strategies of controlling women are applicable onto women with low self-esteem, often with low intelligence level and many psychological issues. These weak spots make them prone to these manipulative strategies. This means that successful applying of these manipulative strategies will lead you to possessing and controlling pretty weak and faulty women, which usually lead to lower quality of relationship itself. On the other hand, if you choose manipulative strategies of controlling that means you failed to succeed by applying ethical approach. Hence, learning what women really want and need and trying to provide that to the right person is a lot better, healthier and durable relationship. Try providing combination of feeling safe and taken care of with emotional challenging and seduction at the same time and you will tide woman to yourself stronger than via manipulations.