How to get a girl to like you – seven ways to make her love you

If you got your eye on a certain girl, there are definitely methods to catch her attention and spark her feelings for you. Here, we are not suggesting any manipulative strategies, since those are not sincere and eventually have to fail, but the true ways of increasing your likeability to girls and ways of successful approaching to someone.

Your inner world beats your material possessions

Most modern guys are obsessed with the wrong impression that having something to offer implies an impressive financial situation. Having a steady job and regular incomes which will make you financially independent is surely important, but having a mature, attractive life per se is far more attractive. Most girls will rather fall for a well-read, interesting guy with manner who lives fulfilled life than for the guy impressing them with material aspects. Thus, read, educate yourself, correct some irritative flaws and bad habits, find an interesting hobby you are passionate about.

Have your own life

Too many guys are looking for a girlfriend in order to give some deeper meaning to their own lives. This is wrong and totally not attractive. The trick is to create your own life which will not depend on having a girlfriend but will attract her enough to wish to share that life with you.

Self-confidence provides a winning approach

Charming, fun and self-confident, but not arrogant approach is the winning appearance for every guy. Girls usually don’t fall for showing off, but you do need to show the guts and daring. Therefore, get rid of all those thoughts whispering that you’re a looser and she’ll turn you down, because that kind of attitude makes you unattractive sight. Remember that girl will usually neglects or forgive your clumsiness if you show bravery and approach her in a creative manner.

Make her laugh

As the old saying said: If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do a lot of things. Many guys believe they are not fun or interesting enough, but the catch is usually just to relax. And to unleash your creative thoughts and spontaneity.

Make her center of your attention

funEvery girl enjoys getting signs of attention, compliments and being flattered. However, be careful not to overwhelm her, pressure her or turn your behavior into stalking and irritation. Let her breathe, but use given opportunities to make it clear you like her. And do a lot of small, unique gestures.

Combine yours and her interests

Engage into her interests to share common time doing what she likes at the terrain where she feels at home. But at the same time, trigger her to step into your world by suggesting various events and activities coming from your interests.

Respect, and seduction

Do small favors to her, be a gentleman and surprise her with little gestures. However, to avoid being friend zoned, keep your manly attitude and focus onto seduction and temptation. Use various situations to convince her that she can lean on you, trust you and feel safe next to you. And finally – make clear initiative and call her out.