How To Attract Women

Men in this day and age still find it hard to make women like them. This sounds crazy but it’s true! Unfortunately for most guys they have yet to discover the fascinating world of seduction and relationship advice for men. In fact there are a lot of guys who are already benefiting from learning from expert seducers like Neil Strauss, Mystery, Derek Rake, Louis Seet, Nicholas Stephenson and others.

It is in fact not that difficult to know how to attract women by the busloads and make them fall in love with you like dominoes, but the real challenge lies ahead – once you acquired the knowledge, then what are you going to do in order to get better with women? That, my friend, is the real challenge.

But fret not – I have got the solution for you. Once you mastered the art of seducing women then they sky is the limit when it comes to getting your choice of women to date. Read on to discover the five methods on how you can leverage women psychology of love and use covert dating techniques to make women swoon all over you in no time at all. Read on…

How To Attract Women – The Way

  • Use covert techniques. One such technique is known as fractionation, and is reputed to be one of the best ways to make women fall in love with you as quickly as possible (think 5 minutes or less). It uses special emotional roller coaster techniques in order to build emotional rapport with the woman you like.
  • Practice every day. Knowing the techniques on how to seduce a woman is one thing – practicing them regularly and consistently to make women fall in love with you is another. Always practice what you learn every where you go – grocery shops, bookstore, clubs, bars, lecture rooms!
  • Use online dating. If you are not meeting women when you are going online, you are definitely missing out. Use guides such as Derek Rake’s Online Dating Playbook and you will be miles ahead of other guys in the game of Internet dating. Given that Facebook is getting bigger by the day (pity that the stock price continues to tank… poor Marky) it only means that it gets easier to find a soul mate online.
  • Seduce a co-worker. Let’s face it – you will be spending your best waking hours at the office (if you hold a regular job that is. If you are a bum then stop reading this and go get a real job). Secretaries are sexy, and so are the interns! I know some men who like to go for mature women. That is entirely up to you, and not for me to judge.
  • Knowing when to stop. Sure, it feels good to master techniques on getting a girl to like you and all that jazz, but sometimes you need to just stop and enjoy the ride. Remember – it’s not all 100% mechanical. Treat women right and you will be rewarded.

Remember to always do the right thing when it comes to dating and seducing women!