Using Fractionation Seduction Tactics To Attract Women

Most guys are douchebags. There, I said it!

Why am I so angry? Well, it’s because most want a silver bullet when it comes to be successful with women. For example, they become obsessed with a technique such as fractionation and spend YEARS to master it because they think they will then get laid by the busloads using this technique. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Most guys realize that they need to work on their seduction skills once they get relegated to the proverbial friend zone. They get frustrated, and start to look for tips on dating and seduction which populate the Internet nowadays. They even spend hours on sites like Reddit and connect to their seduction group ( and hope that they meet like-minded people their to exchange views.

The Problem With Seducers

Now the problem with this approach is that they tend to get second hand information on an important technique such as Fractionation. As a result, they get confused by people who proclaim that they know the technique. Worse, there are wannabe gurus who are just out there for a quick buck.

Well, not everybody gets the chance to be tutored by Derek Rake (the expert who brought out the Fractionation technique to the mainstream) personally. Last I heard he charges $10,000 per session with his personal clients. He has got a couple of programs available online (Google it, I am too lazy to link them up here). But nothing beats personal attention. If you want to learn about female psychology loophole tactics then he’s the go-to man. There’s really no two ways about that.